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We are all human, and everyone can make a mistake, but mistakes can sometimes be detrimental to our livelihood and daily lives. Being arrested alone can be a blemish on your record, and being convicted will be an ever-present obstacle. One way to combat this is with the help of a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer. At the Law Offices of Jeffrey S. Grossman, LLC, our attorney may be able to help you through an expungement or record sealing in Statewide. With over 20 years of experience as criminal defense lawyer, you can count on his counsel.

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How Can a Criminal Record Affect Your Future?

Did you know that if you are arrested, and the charges are ultimately dropped, the arrest remains on your record? In today's market, universities, banks, lenders, and most employers require a criminal background check as part of their vetting process.

A criminal history appearing on those background checks can prevent you from:

  • Getting a job
  • Renting an apartment
  • Getting a much-needed loan
  • Pursuing higher education
  • Owning a gun
  • Voting
  • Getting citizenship

However, the State of Florida provides one chance for a person to have their criminal record sealed or expunged.

What is The Difference between Expungement & Record-Sealing?

The legal system can be complex, so it is always best to work with a Fort Lauderdale expungement attorney. However, there are clear differences between expungement and record sealing that can impact the course of action we recommend for your situation. The main difference between expunging a criminal record and sealing it is that when a record is sealed it still exists both legally and physically. When a record is expunged, any record of the arrest or charge is permanetely gone.

  • Record Sealing: When a record is sealed, the criminal history remains. If you are ever arrested again, prosecutors can access sealed records, because sealing them makes them confidential but available. Certain government agencies, attorneys, and others in the judiciary system will be able to access those confidential records, but the general public will not be able to access them.
  • Expungement: If the record is expunged, it's like the arrest or offense never happened. The record is destroyed and no longer exists. A background search will reveal that a record has been expunged, but no other information will be available. You may qualify for expungement if you are arrested, but charges were not filed or if the case was dismissed after a criminal charge.

While you might feel it's best to expunge your record rather than having it sealed, you may not qualify for expungement. Record sealing is a positive alternative for those who do not qualify for expungement. Your record will remain sealed for 10 years without new arrests, charges, or convictions, after which you can then request to have the sealed records expunged.

Your Experienced Defense Attorney

Our Fort Lauderdale expungement lawyer are familiar with the process for sealing or expunging records to protect your rights. We will provide the guidance you need to make the proper decision based upon the specific circumstances of your case.

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